What We Do

Communicrowd helps to connect brands and communities.

Communicrowd provides branded community engagement platforms to organisations and brands that want to build or engage with a community, customer base or following.

Member Features

• Member profiles and promotion
• Member Geo-Location
• Member content publishing (private or public)
• Communication tools
• Full Social Sharing
• Marketplace
• Multi-media tools including photos & videos

Community Owner Features

• Gives the owner full control
• Platforms in full client branding
• Powerful communication tools
• Total control over commercialisation
• Complete community promotion tools
• Easy new member acquisition
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Security Features

• SSL security in place
• Member control over private / public content
• Cloud based security and back ups

Content Management Features

• Blogging and content publishing
• Full multi-media capability
• Optimised for rapid content
• Content privacy control
• Multiple social sharing option

Group Features

• Public and Private Groups
• Multiple / unlimited groups
• Premium group capability
• Group theming and branding
• Full social sharing

Who is Communicrowd for?



Communicrowd is for community and group owners who are finding that Social media platforms, such as Facebook, are not helping them to engage with, and build their communities.


Community owners need to connect with their communities and followers with easy to use engagement and communication tools.


Communicrowd returns democracy and control to community owners and members.


Examples of community owners include: Membership organisations;


Business and Brands with followers or supply chains;


Owners of Facebook or Linked in groups;


Fan bases and followers;



Features and Benefits

All Communicrowd platforms have a wide range of features to help engage and build communities. Some of the main features and benefits include:



• Member profiles
• Member control of privacy
• Groups (Private and Public)
• Blogging and content publishing
• Multiple and unlimited communications
• Marketplace adverts
• Social Sharing
• Video linking
• Photo albums and Photo sharing
• Member Market Place
• Events by members and owners
• Links to external and internal content
• Files-member content libraries
• Follower function
• Instant Messaging
• Geo-Location
• SSL Security

Benefits to members

• Member, community/brand promotion
• Auto SEO of content
• Content promotion
• Full control of Privacy


Benefits to community owners

• Commercial benefits to community owner
• Improved visibility to Google
• Online promotion of the brand
• Improved communication to members
• Membership growth

Case Studies

Communicrowd delivers the best engagement tools to a range of different client types. Our platforms deliver smooth customer experiences, and yield strong results for our Clients.

Example Client: A Business network.

The client runs a business network which has a membership of over 5,000. Members pay an annual subscription of £200 and in return get business news, advice and networking meetings


How does the network improve communications to members, deliver more added-value services and increase revenues.


Provide a community platform that allows and encourages member communication, help to promote members, help to increase membership and revenues

Example Client: An Alumni Association


The client is a business school with a large supportive alumni base.
How does the network improve communications to members (two-way), help raise finance to develop the business school, and deliver added value services to members.


Provide an independent social platform that encourages regular communication between Alumni, allowing the creation of influential networks, viral promotion of the community, and options for commercialisation.

Contact Us

Please get in touch if you would like any further information or to find out how Communicrowd can help you build or engage with your community.


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